Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Romans 3 – SITUATION ASSESSMENT – How bad is the PROBLEM?  (Read vv 9-24)

It's bad – in fact it affects every one of us and there is nothing we are able to do about it on our own.   We could describe our condition today as:

·         “lost”                       [no opportunity for rescue]

·         “hopeless”              [beyond help or recovery]

·         “losers”                   [not what we want to be]

·       “screwed”                [pardon the slang, but for some this phrase carries a great deal of meaning]

·         “in a world of hurt” [a fatal condition]

·         “separated from God”  

·         “an enemy of God”

 Ever feel like “destruction and misery” are a part of your life and here to stay?  Have you ever longed for “peace” in your life?  Have you ever felt that your life was hopeless, and no matter how hard you tried, nothing would change? A co-worker had a sign on her desk, “Pretending to be Normal can be Exhausting!  What if you could stop pretending and admit you need to be rescued from your “my” / “I” choices?