Thursday, February 28, 2013

Genesis 3Presents the PROBLEM – How did we get in this mess?  (Read vv 1-8)

The “Mess” is what the Bible describes as death / separation from God, which is later described as sin. Notice the details here – Satan twists and distorts God’s instructions (v1); next he contradicts God  (v4); and then he puts a positive spin on it (v5).  Our problem, like Eve:

  • We entertain / consider (I know I shouldn’t, but it looks so good.)
  • We listen (It sounds so good, what does God know?)
  • We believe the lie (I decide what’s best, not God.)
  • Then we reach what seems like the point of no return (I want it, I deserve it, and I’m not going to be denied.)
We chose the “I” / “my-way” instead of obeying God.  The reaction of Adam and Eve – they tried to hide from God, and when that did not work, they passed the blame.  Today – different time, different place, but same story.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Picking up and reading the Bible can be just as challenging as books like War and Peace. It even presents greater challenges as a collection of 66 books or writings in one volume, which does not necessarily lend itself to being read from cover to cover, beginning with the first (Genesis) and reading straight through to the last (Revelation).  Consider this a primer / the Cliff Note’s version – a quick way to gain an understanding of the message of God’s Word.

A quick look at 7 Bible verses will follow...