Monday, April 28, 2014

Cosmos vs. Logos

The Tree of Life
Evolution’s tree of life was depicted on episode 2 of Cosmos utilizing great computer generated graphics.  In his book, Case for the Creator, Lee Strobel interviews Jonathan Wells , PhD of the Discovery Institute and asks the following question:   We now have more than a century of fossil discoveries since Darwin drew his picture.  Has the evolutionary tree held up?

Dr Well’s response:
Natural selection occurred, per Darwin, “slowly by accumulating slight, successive, favorable variations” and that “no great or sudden modifications” were possible.  This theory is not supported by the physical evidence of the fossil record.  Fossil evidence, even in his day, showed the opposite: the rapid appearance of phylum (divisions) level differences in what’s called the “Cambrian explosion.”  And Darwin knew this.  Cambrian was a geological period that we think began a little more the 500 million years ago.  It has been referred to as the Biological Big Bang, because it gives rise to the sudden appearance of most of the major animal phyla that are still alive today, as well as some that are now extinct.
To illustrate the abruptness and suddenness a football field was used as an illustration.
  • ·         Goal line at one end – represents the first fossil a single celled, microscopic organism.
  • ·         These are encountered in the record all the way down to the 16 yard line at the other end of the field and now there are sponges, and maybe some jellyfish and worms. 
  • ·         Then - boom! – in the space of a single stride, all these other forms of animals suddenly appear.
Conclusion: The Cambrian explosion has uprooted the Darwinian tree.

Did you know there is also a Tree of Life referred to in the Bible?  Its first mentioned in Genesis ch3  and last mentioned in Revelation  ch 22, and it has to do with eternal life and a promised blessing during eternity.

So would you rather have a part in an imaginary or a real tree of life?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Which Evolution?
Is evolution a fact?  Well, the answer depends on what type of evolution you’re referring to, which the Cosmos series has yet to distinguish.   If you’re referring to micro-evolution, then the answer is yes.  Micro-evolution is observable and evident within species whether the result of survival of the fittest, intentional breeding or genetic engineering.  The second program in the series used the example that the various breeds of dogs today are descendants of the wild wolf.   While this may be plausible, this only involves development within a species, not an entirely new life form evolving from an unrelated species (for example man from a fish).

Getting back to the original question, if you’re referring to macro-evolution (life from non-life or new species from existing unrelated species), then the answer would have to be no.  We have no hard irrefutable evidence of new species coming into existence from existing non related species.   However, if you choose to believe there is no God and therefore no Creator, you’re only left with the choice of natural forces, or other intelligent beings (i.e., aliens).   These other choices take much more faith.  Are you willing to take this journey of the imagination?  Can you really make the leap of faith that since micro evolution occurs, then macro evolution must also be real?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The Answer is Time…
For those who believe that all there is of the universe(s) and the life that we know on earth came to be over an immense amount of time without any evidence of a guiding force or intelligent design, there is an incredible amount of faith demonstrated.  The fossil record still has not disclosed one solid example of a missing link and for lack of a better term, “Mother Nature” threw some random ingredients together and cooked up quite a dish, which simmered for billions of years.

The Bible is primarily a record of God’s plan for our salvation and a convincing demonstration of our tendency to disobey God (i.e., sin) and of our total inability to make ourselves acceptable to God apart from the forgiveness He has provided through Jesus.   The Bible simply states the fact that God created the heavens and the earth.  It does not specifically address the matter of time / when this creation happened.  But, consider this: God’s creation was perfect and God is eternal (He has always “been” – in fact He describes Himself as “I AM”).   So from a biblical standpoint when did time begin?   Adam and Eve were created perfect in the image of God and the whole concept of death (dying / separation from God) did not become a reality until the sin of Adam and Eve recorded in Genesis 3.  At that point, and not before, time became a reality for Adam and Eve.  So can science really rely on the assumptions made concerning time and the consistency thereof?    Remember that despite the advancements and technology available to scientists today, it still comes down to a faith decision.  Do you rely on the conclusions of other men, who suffer the same flaws of sin that you do, or on what God has chosen to reveal to us?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cosmos vs Logos

In the Beginning…

Major TV networks are airing an updated Cosmos series hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.     While the computer generated images and photography are imaginative and to some degree inspiring, it’s just the same old story in a new package.  The first program in the series has the line, “the cosmos is all that is, was and ever will be.”  This offers a stark contrast to the opening sentence in Genesis 1 of the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”   So do you accept the Cosmos view that time and unknown forces created all that we see over billions of years with life resulting from randomly occurring mutations that somehow began with amino acids evolving from non-living materials?   Or do you believe that an all-powerful God spoke all of creation into existence through the agency of One described as the Logos (Word) in the Gospel of John that we know as Jesus?   Either choice involves a decision of faith - more to follow in the coming weeks.