Thursday, February 28, 2013

Genesis 3Presents the PROBLEM – How did we get in this mess?  (Read vv 1-8)

The “Mess” is what the Bible describes as death / separation from God, which is later described as sin. Notice the details here – Satan twists and distorts God’s instructions (v1); next he contradicts God  (v4); and then he puts a positive spin on it (v5).  Our problem, like Eve:

  • We entertain / consider (I know I shouldn’t, but it looks so good.)
  • We listen (It sounds so good, what does God know?)
  • We believe the lie (I decide what’s best, not God.)
  • Then we reach what seems like the point of no return (I want it, I deserve it, and I’m not going to be denied.)
We chose the “I” / “my-way” instead of obeying God.  The reaction of Adam and Eve – they tried to hide from God, and when that did not work, they passed the blame.  Today – different time, different place, but same story.

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