Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proverbs 3 –GUIDELNES FOR LIVING [a good Old Testament summary] (Read vv 1-12)
You have probably been told countless times, “It’s for your own good.”  When you accept the forgiveness offered to you through Jesus, besides a new relationship beginning, there is what the Bible describes as “repentance” - a change of direction, a 180-degree turn around.  Think of it as a new way of living – new guidelines.  Let’s face it; none of us have done a good job left to our own choices, so why not follow the direction of the One who knows best?  Consider how some of the guidance given here relates to what we have already considered in this blog:

  • Trust God and follow his way (Romans 3; John 3),
  • Not your own way (Genesis 3).” 

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