Monday, July 1, 2013

What about all the Hypocrites who say they are Christians? What kind of example are they?

As told by A. Hypocrite   (Conclusion)

Consider as well the passage from Mark 8:34 mentioned above.  When Jesus said, “Follow Me,” he also told us to “turn from our selfish ways” (stop choosing your way) and “take up your cross” (an encouragement to crucify / die to self and do the unexpected).  To follow Jesus is not easy, but it is necessary, because others who need Him will take notice.

So what is your decision? Perhaps re-read Matthew 7:13-14 (above). Consider that the behavior of other Christians’ does not change the truth – there is only one way to heaven and one chance for true, eternal happiness. The way is through Jesus. Why not become a follower of Him, and accept the challenge of providing the world with an example of what a “great Jesus follower” should look like!

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