Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Which Evolution?
Is evolution a fact?  Well, the answer depends on what type of evolution you’re referring to, which the Cosmos series has yet to distinguish.   If you’re referring to micro-evolution, then the answer is yes.  Micro-evolution is observable and evident within species whether the result of survival of the fittest, intentional breeding or genetic engineering.  The second program in the series used the example that the various breeds of dogs today are descendants of the wild wolf.   While this may be plausible, this only involves development within a species, not an entirely new life form evolving from an unrelated species (for example man from a fish).

Getting back to the original question, if you’re referring to macro-evolution (life from non-life or new species from existing unrelated species), then the answer would have to be no.  We have no hard irrefutable evidence of new species coming into existence from existing non related species.   However, if you choose to believe there is no God and therefore no Creator, you’re only left with the choice of natural forces, or other intelligent beings (i.e., aliens).   These other choices take much more faith.  Are you willing to take this journey of the imagination?  Can you really make the leap of faith that since micro evolution occurs, then macro evolution must also be real?

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