Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The failure of the Biosphere 2 experiment

Do you remember back in the 1990’s there was a great experiment conducted in the dessert of Arizona?    Scientists constructed a small self-contained biosphere that was intended to be self-sustaining and made 2 attempts to seal off a crew to live and thrive within the domed area.   It was named Biosphere 2 after the planet earth, which was considered the first Biosphere.   It had an ocean, dessert, tropical forest and other representative regions of our planet, along with fish and animals intended to sustain life.   Despite very careful and intelligent choices Biosphere 2 was a complete failure.  My family and I visited and toured the facility / grounds back in the mid 90’s.

Now for a practical observation - I’m not knocking the efforts of the scientists and other great minds involved in this endeavor.  However, if a great deal of human intelligence could not pull this off on an extremely small scale, is it reasonable to believe that non-intelligent random forces and time could pull this off on a planetary scale?   Personally, I don’t possess that great of faith.

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