Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Don't All Religions Lead to the Same God?

Don't All Religions Lead to the Same God? (cont'd)

What makes Christianity unique?

PROBLEM:  If the standard is that each of us must be like God - holy, perfect & just, then none of us measure up.  We are imperfect, prone to sin (we live lives and make choices that do not measure up) and we need mercy, instead of justice.  No matter how hard we try and how good a person we may be (as compared to other persons), we will never be good enough for God, because of bad choices we made.  None of us has the capability to present a life lived in which we have never, never, ever committed on sin or said differently, lived a life and not made a single mistake.  What some examples?  All God had to do was list Ten Commandments to illustrate our inability to live a life that would please Him.  Ever told a lie?  You fail.  Ever dishonor or disobey your parents?  You lose.  Ever steal something, cheat or what something that wasn't yours?  All of us have.

Next post presents the solution.

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