Wednesday, May 27, 2015

To some this may sound too narrow a view and too restrictive, but they fail to understand that their sin separates them from God and how serious that separation is.  Think about it for a moment.  If you were trapped in a burning building and a fireman came to you and reached for your hand and said, "Take my hand. There's only one way out and  I know it and you won't make it without me," what would you do?  That fireman can save or rescue you from death.  And that's what Jesus wants to do for you.  Only He is qualified and only He knows (IS) the way.

When you're ready to end that separation and become a child of God, see Romans chapter 10, verses 8-13.   God's gift of forgiveness and eternal life with Him has been offered to you and you can choose to accept that gift or decline it.  Either way, the choice is yours.

As for me:  "For I am not ashamed of the Good News about Jesus.  It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes - the Jew first and also the Gentile.  This Good News tells us how God makes us right in His sight.  This is accomplished from start to finish by faith.  As the Scriptures say, "It is through faith that a righteous person has life.""    
Romans 1:16-17 NLT

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