Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do All Paths Lead to the Same God or Do the Differences Matter?
Like an ice cream shop most belief systems have many and different flavors.   Some of the major flavors in the world could come under the broad categories of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.  Most have a sacred book(s) &/or teachings and form a worldview based on their beliefs.  I’d like to offer a worldview that many beliefs consider, embrace or incorporate – a Biblical worldview and what it involves:

Bible – a collection of inspired writings compiled over two millennia, by individuals with very diverse backgrounds, that has a consistency unlike any other.    There is also no other work in the world that has the volume and early manuscript evidence or the archaeological support as this Book.

It tells us of:
Creation – we have been created in the image of God
Corruption – we choose to disobey and turn from God’s plan for us to our own.
Crucifixion – God chose through Jesus to do for us what we could not do for ourselves.
Re-Creation – anyone trusting in Jesus has become a new creation, with a glorious hope for eternity.

It’s Invitation:
Believe in Jesus’ death for your sins and accept the gift of eternal life He offers you by faith.
Exchange your sin, its penalty of death (eternal separation from God) for complete forgiveness and become an adopted child of God.
Be transformed by God to be holy, blameless and perfect to spend eternity with Him.

The Proof it Offers:
An empty tomb – Jesus spoke before His death of His resurrection and then rose to confirm that His death was for our sins and not His own (otherwise He would still be dead.)
His unique birth, born of a virgin, unlike that of any one else.
The miracles He performed, His teachings, and His life, death and resurrection which proved His claims.

The Difference:
Of all the belief systems only the Bible describes a DONE religion, rather than a DO religion.   The work is done in Jesus.  You’re simply invited to accept the gift He offers you.

Next post we’ll begin a comparison.  Please refer back to this post for details of the Biblical world view.

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