Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Real Peace

Real Peace begins with:

P          v6 Prayer is a vital part of experiencing the peace of God.  Prayer is something that is                easier to talk about than it is to actually do, at least as God desires.    For most of us                    it’s:
·         an event - something we know we’re supposed to do;
·         something we expect when we go to church or act spiritual;     
·         a spiritual 911 call (use for emergencies only).  

 But God desires prayer to be a state of being (as automatic and natural for us as breathing or our heart beating).   If we’re honest, most of us use prayer to remind God about some things we want or think are important.  But a God who knows everything doesn’t forget, and doesn’t need to be reminded.  So then why is prayer so important?  Because God uses it to remind us of what is important to Him, and He causes us to think about how we might be involved.  It’s been said that Prayer changes things.  It really doesn’t change things, but it definitely changes those who pray and has the potential to bring about a change in those that we pray for. Plus, our Father wants his kids to stay close to Him and to know our Heavenly Father is there for us.

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