Friday, February 28, 2014

Real Peace

Real Peace as revealed in Philippians 4:1-9

Previous posting was on P - PRAYER.  Adding on that subject I heard Dr. Tony Evans message on the radio where he indicated, Prayer is a demonstration of our Dependence on God, and while God knows what we will ask, He still wants us to ask before he will answer.

This week the letter E of PEACE:

E          Expectation – that word is not specifically used here, but it is implied in  v5  "The Lord is near."   The word that Paul uses here has a dual concept of nearness in terms of spatial distance (as in the presence of the Lord) and nearness in terms of time (as in when the Lord returns).  Thus with the knowledge that both of these facets are true, there is less for the believer to be anxious about, because he or she is not alone in whatever they are facing.  The Footprints picture and story serves as a reminder for us of the truth that when we feel alone, in reality we’re not.  The Lord knows, the Lord understands and He is acting as He knows best.

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