Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Real Peace

Continuing an understanding of Real Peace from Philippians 4:

C         The C reminds us that there is only one source of the peace that we are striving for.  See verse 7 “in Christ  Jesus.” Perhaps you've seen a billboard with the message, "NO GOD, NO PEACE.  KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE."   The message is plain and simple.  Many people of this world are of the impression that all religions lead to the same God.  And they are absolutely correct, with one vitally  important and very misunderstood exception.   All religions of this world do lead to the same god, except Christianity. They lead to one who is described in 2 Corinthians  4:4 as the god of this world.  He’s also known as Satan. He’s a wanna be.  He’s wanted to be like God since his fall.  And many have been deceived into thinking they are worshiping and serving the true God, when in fact they are only pleasing a cheap counterfeit.  And the end result -- they will be just as miserable as he is and spend eternity with him .  Most do not realize that their sins separate them from God and that there is nothing that they themselves can do to end that separation.   That’s why God sent His Son, Jesus, to suffer on the cross and purchase for us the salvation that we could not deserve ourselves.   He loves each of us so much that He paid the price for us that only He could pay.   So the first step to Peace with God really begins with Jesus Christ.  Do you know Him?  

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