Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Real Peace

The letter A of PEACE as described in Philippians 4:

A         Anxiety – v6 “be anxious for nothing”  George Mueller, a great man of faith once said,  “The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of faith is the end of anxiety.”  Not just nice words - something he truly believed   He founded orphanages in England in 1800’s and one story tells of a morning when there was no food for the children. Those in charge told Mr. Mueller and were in a panic.  George said it was time to pray and trust God.  As his prayer finished there was a knock at the door.  They answered.  There was a baker with bread who said that he had been awakened that night with a strong concern for the children of the orphanage.  And that concern led him to get out of bed and to bake.  No sooner had the thanks been expressed and the bread received, there was another knock at the door.  This time it was a farmer on his way to market with his milk cans full of milk.  The wheel on his cart had broken by the orphanage and he couldn't get it fixed until the cart was unloaded.  And he decided to see if the orphanage could  use some milk.  

Anxiety is where we get ourselves caught up wondering what we are going to do, and forgetting that God has already or is in the process of providing what we need to face any challenge.   So instead of being anxious, our attitude should be one of Anticipation – wondering, looking forward to how the Lord is going to work in this situation.

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