Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Matthew – the Gospel of Fulfillment  Chapter 21    Receive or Reject? 

Jesus fulfills the OT passage from Zechariah 9 indicating how the Messiah / King would come into Jerusalem, His throne city.  Jesus rode on a small donkey that had never been ridden before and the people shouted, Hosanna, meaning “God Saves.”    The King enters triumphantly, but unlike their expectation of Him beginning to reign, getting rid of the Roman occupation and restoring the glory of the nation of Israel, back to the days of King David and Solomon, He causes a scene at the temple, and then leaves Jerusalem for the night.

The next day He tells two parables to the Jewish religious leaders who had rejected His ways.   In the second He indicates another fulfillment of the OT passage from Psalm 118:22-24, “The Stone which the builders rejected, this became the chief corner stone.”  Jesus didn’t stay in Jerusalem because it wasn’t His time to reign; it was His time to be rejected.   And their rejection of Him would result in the one perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.   Will you let Jesus reign as the Lord of your life or are you still rejecting Him?

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