Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Jerusalem Temple Tribune – “Young Girl Claims Angel Appeared to Her”
A young girl of Nazareth recently returned from a 3 month visit to a cousin and was noted to be “with child.”   The family asked that their name not be referenced in this article as they are very embarrassed – not only that their daughter has become pregnant, but that the only reason she has offered is that an angel had appeared to her and told that even though she was a virgin, that she would give birth to a child who would be the “Son of God.”   Per the parents of the girl, “Our daughter has never done anything like this before, yet she persists to claim the reason given is true.”   Recall just a short while a Priest named Zacharias also claimed an angelic experience in the temple.
Our Nazareth correspondent interviewed her fiancé who indicated he was devastated and as shocked as everyone else.  He has indicated his desire to dismiss his wife-to-be without exercising his right to have her put to death for her indiscretion.  
A few days later, our Nazareth correspondent heard rumors that the fiancé is also now claiming to have been instructed by an angel in a dream that the young girl is telling the truth and that the son she will have should be named Jesus, because this child will save His people from their sins.  Further, the fiancé has now decided to take the young girl as he wife, despite the objections of his parents.
After bringing this information to the High Priest and Sanhedrin, this story is once again being dismissed, with the recommendation that parents not accept such ridiculous stories from their children or their friends.      

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