Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Imagine the News

Jerusalem Temple Tribune – “Shepherds from Bethlehem Claim Angelic Appearance”

News has come from the region of Bethlehem that some shepherds are now claiming an appearance by an Angel to announce the birth of, as they put it, “A Savior who is the Messiah and Lord!”   The shepherds insist that while they were watching their flocks that suddenly there was a bright light and that a being, having the appearance of a man, told them not to be afraid and instructed them to go to a stable in Bethlehem where they would find this Christ child lying in a feeding trough.”   They further claim that they left their flocks (a violation of their profession) and went to Bethlehem and found a new born baby boy in a feeding trough, just as the angel had said.   Incidentally, they also claim the parents had just travelled from Nazareth for the required Roman census.

When the High Priest and Sanhedrin were asked to comment on this news, those who could be reached scoffed at these tidings stating:

·         Just like the similar report by Zacharias about a year ago, God no longer speaks directly to His people – He has entrusted that responsibility to us.

·         Think about it – would the Messiah actually come as an infant?  Would he be born in a barn and placed in a feeding trough?  Of course not!   And why would He be born in a place like Bethlehem?  At this observation one of the Scribes who asked that his name not be disclosed, did indicate from the prophet Micah, there was the mention that the Messiah would come from Bethlehem.

·         They concluded by asking us if there wasn’t any real news that we could devote our time to reporting?

In other "real" news a very bright object has been sighted in the night skies east of Jerusalem that seems to be moving.

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