Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Imagine the News

Jerusalem Temple Tribune – “Pagan Nobility Pose a Strange Question to King Herod”

News sources in the palace have advised that a large group of men known as Magi have travelled to pay Herod a courtesy visit with an unexpected question, “Where is He who is born King of the Jews?”  Much to King Herod’s surprise their question was quite sincere and genuine.   They assumed that he would be aware of the event.   It was further reported that Herod consulted the Scribes, Lawyers and other experts of the Scriptures and was told that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.    Herod conveyed this finding to the Magi and asked them to report back when they had found the One, as he "wanted to go and pay homage to Him as well."

A palace correspondent reported as the Magi were departing from the palace that evening they became quite excited at sighting the bright object which that re-appeared in the sky.   They claimed they had been following this object for quite some time, that once again it was moving and they were determined to finish their journey.

Our Bethlehem correspondent reported that the entourage came to a small home in Bethlehem and begged entrance where they paid homage to the young boy child named Jesus and gave him gifts befitting of a King.   Our source was unable to estimate the value of the gifts but it was said to be quite extravagant.  A curious observation was that the Magi did not begin their journey home by way of Jerusalem, but had decided to take a different route.   It was further reported that the young family vacated their home shortly after the visit and their whereabouts are unknown.

In other news from Bethlehem, soldiers of King Herod conducted a raid and have killed all baby boys, two years of age and younger.   No explanation has been offered for the King’s actions.

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