Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Do you believe in Superman – Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a single bound.

This was part of the catch phrase describing the Superman of the black and white TV series.   Impressive – just think of Superman in a pole vaulting or high jump track event – would you want to compete against someone with those vertical leap capabilities?!   While there’s no record in the Gospels of Jesus making a physical giant leap, He did walk on water and was taken up to the highest part of the temple in Jerusalem where He was tempted by Satan to make a dramatic entrance by throwing Himself off the temple.  Regarding that temple, it had taken the Jewish people decades to construct and it wasn’t finished at the time of Jesus, but He made the claim, that if they tore this temple down, that He could rebuild it in 3 days.  The writer of the Gospel of John (2:13-22) tells us that Jesus was not referring to the physical temple building, but to the fact that Jesus would be crucified, and three days later He would rise from the dead, never to experience death again.  His death for the sins of the world was Jesus' giant leap and His last words on the cross were, "It is finished," not referring to His life, but the once for all great sacrifice had been offered.    No other person who has ever lived has these credentials as documented not only by the Bible, but by extra biblical sources as well.  This qualifies Him as a superhero.

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