Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do you believe in Superman – Birth parents not of this world.

The man in the comics known as Clark Kent was born on the planet Krypton and had superpowers compared to earthlings because of the closeness of earth to the sun.   His unique birth set him apart from mere mortal men.   Consider the information we’re given about the birth of Jesus.  While Mary was his mother, the accounts by Gospel writers Matthew and Luke make it clear that the child she conceived was not the result of a relationship with any earthly man.  It was a unique birth unlike any other in that God caused Mary to conceive and give birth to His Son, Jesus.  Why did God choose this way to bring His Messiah into the world?   From passages such as Romans 5:12, it appears that the sin nature is passed to the child through the earthly father, but Jesus came into this world not having been born in sin.  No other human had walked the earth in this condition other than the first man and woman – Adam and Eve.   Because of His Father who was not of this world, Jesus had the opportunity to live a  sinless life by which He would not be deserving of death.  This qualifies Him to be a superhero.

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