Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do you believe in Superman – X-Ray Vision

As a kid I used to read comic books and was always fascinated by the ad in the back of some for X-ray glasses.   I never actually ordered them, but the temptation to was almost overwhelming.  Can you imagine the trouble I would have gotten into if I had a pair and they actually worked?!   But Superman used his X-Ray vision only to help others, not to satisfy lust or for personal benefit or pleasure.   If you read the Gospel accounts it’s interesting how many times we’re told that Jesus knew what a person was thinking (e.g., Matthew 9:3-5; Luke 6:7-9).  But more to the point of vision, He was able to look at an individual and see through their exterior (e.g.,  a prostitute (John 8:1-11), a leper (Mark 1:39-44), a lame man (John 5:2-10), a despised tax collector (Luke 19:1-10) or other sinners) and see directly their pain, hurt & need.  His love and compassion was so great that He looked beyond what would stop and deter mere mortals, and did something about their condition if they let Him.  This qualifies Him to be a superhero.

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